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It’s your brand, your story – we’re just adding some bloomwood✭ magic to it.

At bloomwood✭ creative studio, our goal is create content with intent and help you share your brand’s story.

it’s your brand, your story – we’re just making adding some bloomwood✭ magic to it. 

Our services are completely custom, based on what your vision and goals are.  

bloomwood✭ services – in detail


You’ve got the products or services and photos all ready for your social media but can’t decide on the “look” or don’t quite have the designer’s eye for colour palette, logo, etc? Look no further – “Design” is here for you. In this service you’ll receive:

  • A designed primary logo & submark (secondary smaller logo, typically used where the other one does not fit, etc)
  • A customized colour palette with the hex codes (so that you can use the colours as a guide in the future to keep your cohesive look)
  • Typography – no comic sans here! your font plays such a huge role in your brand’s style. after creating your logo, we will share the fonts used, and suggest fonts for you to use for future graphics, website, etc.
  • Up to 5 instagram highlight covers, customized for you
  • 3 instagram story backgrounds for you to use in the future customized with your branding

This is great if you don’t need too much help with your business account, but need some key items to get things going, then you take it from there.

Pricing for “Design” is customized based on the complexity of what you’re looking for. contact us for a quote.

  • You’ve got the products or services and photos all ready for your social media but can’t decide on the “look” or don’t quite have the designer’s eye for colour palette, logo, etc? Look no further – “Design” is here for you. In this service you’ll receive:
  • Custom created website to launch your brand OR redesigned/modified website to match the brand aesthetic you’re envisioning
  • Professional layout with a cohesive design
  • Hosting & Domain for 6 months or 1 year (or longer depending on contract). If you already have a domain and/or hosting, we can still do the web design and connect it to your existing domain.
  • Content creation for your website, editing of your photos or write-ups and overall creative consulting can be included
  • Our website services can be to simply create it and coach you to manage it on an ongoing basis yourself OR for more regular management where we are updating it for you there would be a monthly fee. 
  • CREATE fee may vary depending on complexity and on the nature of our work for you. Chat with us for a custom quote

You can manage everything else but just need photos of your product(s) to fill your content calendar? We can help.

  • The fee will depend on the number of products you have and how many total photos you are needing
    • Contact us for more information and for your custom quote
  • We can do website-style photos (on a solid colour background) that’s perfect to display your items (for your instagram shop, shopify, etc.) 
  • We can do styled product photos (i.e. flatlays, your item styled with props that fit your brand aesthetics, etc.) with our variety of accessories and decor from our studio
    • If you have a very specific style you’re looking for (that is unavailable to us), you may need to either provide the props or we can procure them on your behalf for an extra cost. chat with us first if you have a specific vision in mind
  • Additional brand photography (on location) can be added on, chat with us to discuss options
  • We are very flexible with our style of photography editing. While the soft and clean style is how we normally edit our own photos, we are open to changing it up based on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve
  • Posed portrait/model photography isn’t what we typically work with, however if you are open to having a more candid product-focused shoot that includes models, THAT we definitely can do!

For a new start-up brand or business, we could do a full-service package that could include the following:

  • Brand logos (primary,  submark and a variation), aesthetic design (including highlight covers and IG story templates), creative consultation including typography & colour palette. Mood board creation in initial discovery stage (*deposit may be required)
  • Product photography 
  • Photo editing & custom presets to fit your aesthetic
  • Grid strategy for Instagram to create a cohesive flow based on your aesthetic, your instagram guide will include some of our curated stock photography 
  • Additional services (listed on the other tabs) could be included for an additional cost

For an established business looking to refresh your online aesthetic, any of the services listed under any of the other tabs can be customized based on your needs.

We will work with you to make your brand dreams become a reality. Don’t love how your current social media or website looks? That’s what we’re here for.

Refresh can be any one or more of:

  • Updating logos and colour schemes
  • Instagram guide on what to post to make your feed flow
  • Website update: changing specific pages on your website, or updating the content or layout altogether. for a website overhaul (or a brand new one) check out “create” on the menu

Contact us for a custom quote where we will ask you a variety of questions to learn more about what you’re looking for.

Just need some help with creating extra content for your social media? We can help. Some examples of content can be:

  • Original designed content with your branding on it
  • Some product & brand photography may be included, dependent on your business type
  • Additional product photos can be added on for an extra fee (chat with us first so we can determine that is included)
  • Integration of our curated collection of stock & lifestyle photos into your grid plan
  • Photo editing of your existing photos to match your brand aesthetic

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